'Ey, I'm Filmin' Here! Comedian Charles Goonan's New "Tune In To Goonan" Show Rips Reality, TV, And Reality TV

Reality can be tough to take.  But as comedian and aspiring superstar Charles Goonan is about to learn, reality SHOWS can be even crazier...

Reality will never be the same.
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Sucking Dox: Facial Recognition Software Used To Harass Porn Stars' Real Identities

Facial recognition software has long been touted as a necessary aide to combat crimes, from street-level surveillance up to complex police analysis of individuals' tattoos for identification.  Now, a piece of software that allows you to search for faces as easily as one might search for a cupcake recipe has backfired to those who don't really want to be identified...well, for their facial features, at least.

They sell their bodies for a living, which enrages those who'd never get a buyer,
or any kind of lover at all.
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New "Robot Kingdom" Theme Park Set To Open In...Where Else?...Japan

A while back, we told you about the smart hotel that featured a staff comprised mostly of robots.  This all-automaton enclave seemed an interesting way to kick off what will surely be a swath of service-bots interacting with humans of the future for their comfort and entertainment, and now, in partnership with their host park, the game has been stepped up.  Welcome to the Robot Kingdom.

All this, plus robo-raptors.
Wait, what?
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Space Station Sunday: 4K Scenes And Machines For Genes

Good afternoon, space fans!  It's been another great week outside of gravity.

Our spacefarers have a very special perspective on "Earth Day."
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The Imprints Of Prince: Musician Inspired Massive Code-Teaching Initiative

The world lost a musical icon this week with the passing of Prince, but until his demise, few of his fans knew of the inspiration he'd offered, bringing about more adeptness and awareness for the future via technology.  No, not the song about partying like it was 1999 (although that was tremendously pertinent at the time.)  After an inspiring discussion with a proactive friend, Prince used his influence to support a nonprofit means of teaching kids how to write computer code.

He wants kids to rock hacks as well as he rocks an axe.
Which is to say, crazy good.
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Death To...Death? Science Aims To Use Stimuli, Lasers, And Stem Cells To Rip Off The Grim Reaper

To those of you who don't harbor a nigh-unquenchable thirst for the void, the subject of using modern technology and medicine to "reanimate" the human brain after death is a tempting one.  While death has long been looked upon as a very definite end to existence (or at least the road to reincarnation in another), now, some serious initiatives are underway to change that...

Someday, you might be able to reboot your whole existence.
If you're into that sort of thing.
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The Good, The Bad, And The Drugly: Tech's Green Scene, 4/20/16

If you happen to partake in a certain combustible, leafy green type of relaxing refreshment, today is known as the default holiday in which it is particularly celebrated (as opposed to how some use it during all the other major holidays...or days...)  Here's a look at some of the better e-ideas surrounding cannabis culture, and one that's only half-baked...

A very different type of "green" technology will be discussed today.
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