Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's An App: Rock The Rolling Stones' New Release

The Rolling Stones are the encyclopedic definition of rock 'n roll.  After over 50 years, 29 studio albums, and unquestionably the most iconic frontman to ever pivot, prance, pounce, and pout across a stage, if you're not getting some kind of satisfaction from these guys, you're doing something wrong.  And now, there's an app to help get yer ya-yas out...

Hipsters, you are not the Rolling Stones.
But maybe you can learn a thing or two from them.
(Image courtesy iorr.org.)

Shifty Ways To Leave Your Lover: New Service Slings Breakup Texts For You

So, Valentine's Day was just about a month away...do you now rue the one you wooed?  Still need to kick your winter covers-buddy out from under the comforter and make them face the harsh, lengthening daylight in which you will not continue to require their snuggling services (at least until it gets cold again?)  However, are you a pussy who can't break up with someone to their face, and needs a tech-inclined service to do it for them?  Well, look no further, you lamentable lover.

He's texting an internet company how much he hates you right now.
You should go.
(Image courtesy lovepanky.com.)

Space Station Sunday: Wins Of The One-Year Crew (Part One)

Good afternoon, space fans!  It was a historic week for our friends in orbit...here's what was up!

The fun part, after all that "plummeting on fire through the atmosphere" stuff.
(Image courtesy NASA.gov.)

Enjoy Your HD Cat Videos, Indonesia: SpaceX Sends Up Satellite Successfully

The big story in space this week was all about the man who fell to Earth, but it's worth noting that another important mission was headed UP.  Namely, the SpaceX SES-9 payload of a communications satellite that will provide critical connectivity from its place in space...

{Space}X Gon' Give It To Ya!
(Image courtesy Ken Kremer / universetoday.com.)

Butter, But Better: New Device Mists Dairy Deliciousness At The Touch Of A Butter-Button

Kitchen gadgets have held fascination ever since the first caveman discovered that meat would taste better when twirled on a stick over the fire.  Now, your kitchen of the future might feature robot bartenders, an automated chef, and even super-locally grown ingredients...but technology knows, what you really thirst for is the sweet, sweet spritz of freshly-liquified butter.

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death,
and Hell followed with him."
-Revelations 6:8, and/or Paula Deen's cookbook.
(Image courtesy crossfitenvy.com.)

W.O.R.D. To The Copters, We Came To Race Them Proper

Drones!  They're doing it all these days!  Creating artistic light show / circuses, patrolling borders, airlifting contraceptives to oppressed women, and so much more.  Now, our little flying friends have entered the next logical phase of what happens when humanity finds something agile, competitive and able to be technologically souped-up:  we're racing them.

What's the Vegas betting line on little flying robots?
The world may soon be enthralled.
(Image courtesy zbrella.com.)

Super News For Supersonic Flight: NASA's Working On A New Prize For The Skies

It's been an exciting week for aerospace!  Yesterday, astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko returned from 340 days on the International Space Station, Virgin Galactic announced their new space plane just a few days previous, and on Monday, the world got a very special Leap Day present indeed:  news that a new NASA-commissioned plane could, in a few years, be leaping wide oceans in a single, supersonic bound...

NASA's on a speculative supersonic spin...
(Image courtesy NASA.gov.)