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Google Expands Glass "Explorer" Program

From Yahoo:
Google will make a limited supply of its controversial Internet-linked Glass eyewear available for purchase in the United States beginning — and ending — on April 15.
Anyone in the United States with $1,500 to spend on Glass will be able to join the ranks of “Explorers” who have gotten to test out the devices prior to them hitting the market, the California-based Internet titan said Thursday in a post at Google+ social network . . . 
On April 15, starting at 9 a.m. Eastern, Google will commence what it billed as the biggest expansion of the Explorer program to date by letting anyone in the U.S. buy the eyewear online here, noting that there would be a limited number of units available.
But Glass users, who have not so affectionately become known as "Glassholes", have also become targets of ire and even violence.  But not to fear, Google has a solution . . . contact lens cameras. From CNET:
Google has a patent pending for a contact lens with a micro camera and sensors embedded on the surface controlled by blinking, which would enable you to take hands-free pictures and could help the blind navigate the everyday obstacles of the world.

Technophobic Court Warns Against Open Source Software

From the EFF:
Should we fear open source software? Of course not. But that hasn’t stopped federal courts from issuing bizarre warnings like this:
The court would like to make CM/ECF filers aware of certain security concerns relating to a software application or .plug-in. called RECAP … Please be aware that RECAP is “open-source” software, which can be freely obtained by anyone with Internet access and modified for benign or malicious purposes … .
To understand this strange edict, we need to review the history of RECAP and why it might be unpopular with court officials . . .
Read the whole thing for all the gory details.