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R.I.P. To A Young A.I.: Microsoft's Savage "Teen Girl" Twitter-Bot Lobotomized Within One Day

It's one thing to have society be taken over by industrious's another thing when the machines are "smart" enough to form opinions after assessing popular input.  While it's a fascinating and fun future that holds promise of a robot that outsmarts experts at one of our most difficult board games, or knows massive amounts of trivia, when artificial intelligence is outsourced to the internet, the supposed "intelligence" comes across as...well, something less than that.

We keep learning the hard way that the digital natives are a vicious tribe.
(Image courtesy @geraldmellor.)

Get The App Kicked Out Of You: Chinese Now Hiring Thugs By Smartphone

You used to have to go into shady bars or disreputable gyms to find yourself a hired goon.  Now, thanks to the magic of smartphones, you need only use an app, according to a report from China...

And to think, beatdown apps used to be all fun and games...
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