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Booze Tattoos: This New Wearable Device Calls The Cops If You Get Too Sauced

Woohoo!  It’s the weekend, and you want to hit the bars / clubs / speakeasies / after-hours / diners that serve booze / brunch / bars again, etc.  Go crazy!  But be careful not to get written up for driving under the influence, because now, robots will be able to rat you out if you grab another round...

If you're going to have enough money to do this,
also have enough money for a cab.
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Your Drunk Tweets = Their Science Deets

Well, it's St. Patrick's Day, and we're here to confirm your invasive thoughts that maybe you should totally do a whole bunch of drunk social media posts to tell all of your friends and family and exes and pizza deliverymen how much you love them.  What?  Why?  Because at one point in New York City, it was totally helping science.

We're not talking about the science of mixology, though that counts too.  *Burp.*
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Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's An App: Rock The Rolling Stones' New Release

The Rolling Stones are the encyclopedic definition of rock 'n roll.  After over 50 years, 29 studio albums, and unquestionably the most iconic frontman to ever pivot, prance, pounce, and pout across a stage, if you're not getting some kind of satisfaction from these guys, you're doing something wrong.  And now, there's an app to help get yer ya-yas out...

Hipsters, you are not the Rolling Stones.
But maybe you can learn a thing or two from them.
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Crappy Holidays? Get Wrecked With These Tech-Inspired Flasks

It's the holiday season, and whether you like it or not, you may find yourself finagling through some festivities.  If you want a way to show off your techie tendencies while simultaneously slurping enough sauce to place you firmly on the Naughty List (especially after those office party shenanigans), here are several technology-inspired flasks that will, somewhat ironically, give you what no robot, videogame, device or website can:  the warm embrace of a good stiff shot.

Smartphone?  That's a goddamn brilliant-phone.
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Nice Idea, But...Beer. New Bike-Lock Breathalyzer Probably Won't Stop Your Sauced-Up Spin

Breathalyzers on cars can help to save lives and avert major accidents.  Breathalyzers elsewhere...well, it's a nice idea, at least.

Thanks for looking out for us, but buzzed biking is the bomb.
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Space Station Suntory: Japanese Whisking Whiskey Up To ISS

Good afternoon, space fans!  We know it's a day after our usual ISS posts, but this one was worth an extra article.

Will whiskey sent into orbit get you spacefaced?
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