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News in News Readers: Here Come the Clones!

When Google announced that it would be shutting down its RSS news reader app, Google Reader, a few months ago, there was a strong backlash from its dedicated long term user base.  The shut-down led to calls for the creation of clones and substitutes from disappointed users.  These alternatives have now begun to come online. Among them is CommaFeed, an open source clone.  You can check it out here

One of my favorite aspects of Google reader was the sharing function.  This functionality has not yet been integrated into these initial versions of the Google Reader substitutes, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for future updates.

Google Reader Being Shut Down

Google announced on its blog yesterday that it will be shutting down its popular RSS app, reader.  Essentially, Reader has been put out of its misery after it was maimed by the various "updates" that it had been subjected to over recent years.  For all you RSS junkies out there, LifeHacker has compiled some alternatives:
NetVibes . . . is one of the most popular web reader, offering a Google Reader-like interface as well as a snazzy iGoogle-like homepage.

NewsBlur is also a great option, with an interface that's very similar to Google Reader . . . 

Feedly is popular, but definitely different than Google Reader. . . .

Update: A lot of you have mentioned The Old Reader as a great alternative