Here Comes The Sun King: Elon Musk's New "Solar Shingles" To Cut Power Bills, Ties To Grid

Having safely ensconced himself as a pioneer in modern spacefaring, electric vehicle technology, sustainable-electric storage, and even a completely unheard-of new type of transportation, Elon Musk has now focused his sights on improving home energy for the average human.  The plan is simple, but he’s the man for the job:  solar roofing tiles.

Easily the best way to get your home looking
and operating at peak futuristic capacity.
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While the notion has been batted around for decades, Musk has announced that his “solar shingles” will be a new kind of roof for a new kind of electrical paradigm.  According to, Musk says this innovation will not be “a thing on the roof”, rather, “it IS the roof.”

Musk’s cousin and compatriot Lyndon Rive, who is CEO of the SolarCity company that is abetting the plans, has already raised some $8 billion in startup capital from investors such as U.S. Bancorp, Google, Merril Lynch and PG&E Corporation.  Rive maintains that since some 5 million roofs are built or replaced across America every year anyway, the new ones might as well support sustainability.

A ray of hope in this dark world.
A ray of hope that could feasibly even power your computer.
And fridge.  And TV.  And guitar amplifier.
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Musk’s wildly popular Tesla automobile line, of which the “3” model was released for pre-order in April, are a testament to his firm commitment to changing the world through sustainable electricity and transport. “It’s very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport," Tesla said. "This is really important for our future.”  The Tesla 3 is currently in demand to the tune of 325,000 pre-orders.

The "smart home" plan could also feasibly include the Powerwall or Powerpack, designs inspired by Tesla cars' battery technology that is re-purposed to power a home or business.  These would work in conjunction with the shingles from SolarCity, of which Musk is a co-founder, and which is currently the #1 full-service solar provider in America.  SolarCity was acquired by Tesla on August 1st, for $2.6 billion in shares.  The intent of the merger is to provide citizens with low carbon-emission lifestyles including a “simple, aesthetically beautiful one-stop solar and storage experience."

Musk discusses the solar shingles and Powerwall,
a.k.a. the iTunes and iPod of this decade.
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Musk's other plans currently include in-depth notions about colonizing Mars.  You know, just in case this whole “humanity on earth” thing doesn’t pan out.  What will he conquer next?  Today, cheap and grid-free power...tomorrow, the universe!

These guys land rockets, upright, on barges.
You can probably trust them with some roofing work.
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