And We All Float On, Alright: Flying Taxis To Be Tested In 2017

Alright nerds.  It’s Friday, and while you’re dreaming about the impending weekend, why not also dream about the phenomenal parts of our future?  Especially that old (new?) chestnut, flying cars.  Why aren’t they already floating around in this glorious 21st-century utopia we’ve created for ourselves?  Well, glorious 21st-century utopia or no, the flying cars could be swooping in for testing as early as next year.

It is time.
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According to, the Airbus company wants autonomous flying taxi prototypes to hit the skies sometime in late 2017.  The company is the second largest aerospace firm in the United States (behind Boeing) and thus has the clout (and cash) to make this a reality.

The sky-taxis, which we still haven’t figured out a cute portmanteau title for, would be flown autonomously.  Prospective passengers would book a seat on a zenHop “City Airbus” drone, then would be ferried to a zenHub helipad.  The sky-taxi would then airlift them (and other passengers headed in the same direction, to save costs) to their destination.  It’s thought that the cost-sharing system could keep the price of these trips around the same price as a conventional taxi.

We have a lot of bodies.  Why fight them as traffic,
when you can float above the fray?
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Luggage would be ferried in a traditional manner on the ground (since, you know, hefting weight into the air isn’t easy, and you pack too many socks) via a parallel service called zenLuggage.  All of this would be monitored by security systems experts at zenCyber, to keep your flight on track and never hacked.

Artist's rendition of the Airbus sky taxi.
The only bad thing is you can't hail them via whistling.
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Airbus has reportedly been working on the electric aircraft’s design for two years, styling the sky-taxis after large drones.  They claim it “could soon become reality without having to wait for too many regulatory changes.”

Up, up, and away!

What's a mere 60 years' wait for fantastic futurism?
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