Fight For Your Rights With Megabytes: New "Robot Lawyer" Appeals Parking Tickets For You

We all know by now that there are apps to help aid and abet all sorts of daily occurrences in life...but what if they could help out with run-of-the-mill legal troubles as well?  No, you're not likely to have a robo-attorney for your divorce or murder case anytime soon, but when it comes to appealing the obnoxious - in this case, traffic tickets - a souped-up chatbot might now help you win your case.

Your honor, my client is but a dirty human meatbag,
and clearly cannot park a car as well as we robots.
Verdict:  NOT GUILTY!
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According to, a new chatbot tool called DoNotPay wants to help you navigate the ridiculous legal claims that are used against you to glean precious parking ticket money.  Developed by Stanford freshman Josh Browder, the 'bot asks a simple succession of questions to help you appeal your raw parking deal.

Next up:  robot psychologist?
Because it really seems to care and understand...
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DoNotPay bypasses lawyers, courts, legal fees, and all that attendant stress, simply by creating a form letter for you, based on other successful appeals.  Though it has only been operational for nine months, it has already successfully appealed 160,000 parking tickets in New York City and London, to the tune of some $4 million dollars.  Solid defense, for a robot lawyer!

Browder is being called "The Robin Hood Of The Internet" for his creation, which uses algorithms to detect key words in conversations, thus becoming smarter each time it is used.  He's doing all of this for social justice, and even plans to make an app to help refugees legally seek asylum via a translation and application chatbot.

This is going to be a REALLY interesting "Law And Order" episode, soon enough.
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“If it is one day possible for any citizen to get the same standard of legal representation as a billionaire,” Browder says, “how can that not be a good thing?”

Currently DoNotPay can also assist with payment-protection insurance (PPI) claims, delayed or canceled flight claims, and legal disclosure of HIV status.  The app is free, because, as Browder claims, such algorithmic intelligence is "a humanitarian goldmine."

Thanks for saving us some of that gold!

Fortunately they're not in charge of the death penalty...yet.
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