Do Androids Dream On Electric Pillows? Because Now, You Can...

“Smart” devices pervade our culture, giving everything from your car to your medicine cabinet a mind of its own.  Now, even when your own mind is shut off for the night, a smart device can be there to keep you informed of your sleep stats.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is totally not a joke.  Meet the smart pillow.

If you like death metal and your partner likes dubstep,
now you can both snooze to your own tunes!
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According to, the Zeeq “smart pillow” is a dreamy device that tracks the motion and volume of your snoring, lulls you to sleep with onboard speakers, and even wakes you up thanks to a vibrating motor (which doubles as a nudge to keep you from snoring too much.)

Created by the awakened mind of REM-Fit’s Miguel Marrero, the Zeeq was created out of a desire to fall asleep to music (despite whatever silence your partner prefers to enjoy.)  This escalated into a full-on pillow paradise.  REM-Fit, a subsidiary of Protect-A-Bed, made sure the Zeeq is as comfy as any other high-end pillow (despite the embedded tech touches), featuring a removable quilted outer cover and an interior stuffed with shredded memory foam (which can be removed to perfect your pillow-plushness preferences.)

That's like a terabyte of memory foam in there.
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The onboard speakers are connected loosely enough so that they don’t interfere with normal pillow operations.  They are large enough for the user to enjoy sonically, but not so obstreperous as to intervene on others’ ears.  Music options include “Zeeq Sleep Tracks” (free sound effects and mood music), connectivity to your own music, and even a premium Spotify option.  Other than those sounds, the motors make a noticeable noise, but are not required for your sleep experience.

You can quantify your conditions for every waking moment
...and now, every sleeping one.
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This whole techno-snoozing marvel is, of course, run via an app (there’s also a remote, but where’s the fun in that?)  The app creates a comprehensive “SleepScore” profile, into which you provide data on stress levels, exercise, and alcohol consumption.  The snoring monitors help factor in your depth of dreaminess.  A normal alarm and a “SmartWake” function both serve to stir you from slumber, with the SmartWake option rousing you if the pillow senses that maybe you feel like waking up early (probably not a feature a lot of folks will want, but hey, it’s a nice idea.)

Zeeq is currently on Kickstarter at $99 for early adopters, with an eventual retail price of $299.  That’s a pricy pillow, yes, but some superb sleep could be well worth it.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t report your dreams to the NSA…

Last thing we need is the damn dream police to show up...
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