Pride Vs. Prejudice: Anonymous Gaily Hacks ISIS Twitter Pages

When acts of terror occur, one wonders at the source of the vitriol towards certain intended targets. Often, it seems that ignorance, hatred, and other motivators of malevolent acts may be based in a person (or a fanatical subculture’s) self-hatred, or repression of certain aspects of their lives. This creates a strong means of turning the terror back upon itself...for instance, in this faaaaaaabulous way.

Oh myyyy.
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According to USA Today, the famed hacker collective Anonymous has worked their wiles on the websites of ISIS, a.k.a. the Islamic State, and has made one of the terrorist cabal’s most fiendishly-opposed lifestyles appear to manifest as their own. In a sick subculture where it is acceptable to kidnap civilians as sex slaves, mete out vicious vigilante justice against anyone deemed unholy, and generally make life miserable for those who think differently, ISIS would be loathe to indicate any form of love (that’s not a warped interpretation of their devotion to Allah.)

But now, thanks to Anonymous, the Islamic State – on Twitter, at least - is positively flamboyant with gay pride.

Ghost-jacker, you are beautiful in every single way.
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One Anonymous operative, known only by his Twitter handle WauchulaGhost, had originally filled the hacked ISIS accounts with pornography (which is strictly forbidden by the militants’ version of the Islamic faith.) He instead traded it for gay-positive messages and “PRIDE” slogans when women complained that his work might seem counterproductive to spreading decency to the militants.

Now, despite death threats and behests for beheading, WauchulaGhost (who is known only to be a straight, American male that had been angered by the recent Pulse nightclub attack) has filled the ISIS accounts with gayness and rainbows (literally.)

To a normal person, the bootleg Lisa Frank-style background
is the most offensive thing here.
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"The morning of the attack I woke up and saw the news and I was just furious. All I could see was people mourning and crying. And I thought maybe I could do one thing that would lift some spirits," he explained.

Anonymous, according to Newsmax, had hacked some 1,500 jihadi accounts for the purpose of making them pro-gay pride. A further 150,000 ISIS-related accounts have been suspended by Twitter.

If only all acts of extremism could be so extremely pleasant.

The hashtag #DaeshBag was also involved.
Well done.
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