Halal Yeah: New Web Browser For Muslims Filters Out Impure Content

Sometimes it's tough to get old ideas to make sense alongside new ones.  In fact, many long-held views - particularly involving religion vs. modern computers - match up with the future about as well as trying to play a vinyl record on a cassette deck.  However, sometimes the past and the future can be reconciled for a greater ideal, where both mentalities can meet in the middle...

Why tempt the mighty wrath of Allah,
when you can browse in spiritual safety with Salam?
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According to The Stack, a new web browser called "Salam Browser" has recently been released in Malaysia, with the express intent of making the internet user-friendly to those who wish to comply with Sharia law.  For the millions who believe that Sharia is the revealed word of god, this is indeed a major development.

Sharia law, a major tenet of the Islamic faith, has been invoked either partially or totally in a number of nations, beginning in the 8th century.  The notoriously-vicious punishments inherent to the system include stoning for adulterers, lashing for drunkards, and amputation of limbs for theft.  But even lesser crimes are unsettling enough to these believers that they want a system like Salam Browser to keep things pure and temptation-free (which, on the regular internet is obviously not easy.)

Our rampant meme-viewing alone is enough to send us straight to hell.
Oh well.  Worth it.
(Image courtesy memecenter.com.)

Salam's Browser's usefulness is threefold:  first, it blocks content that could be considered "haram", or uncouth by Islamic standards.  It offers warnings when accessing sites that may contain violent or pornographic material, and blocks images of such indiscreet nature from search results.  

Secondly, it allows for one-click submission of objectionable content...you know, if a user were to just accidentally stumble on something inappropriate our there in the wilds of the world wide web.

In a world where even a URL with the words "White House" in it could be pornographic,
Salam Browser seeks to keep you safe.
(For those who don't get that joke, the difference between
".com" and ".gov" used to be hilarious, back in the day.)
(Image courtesy thestack.com.)

Finally, it provides comprehensive security (including geographic obfuscation and anti-data-tracking technology) thanks to a built-in VPN.  Spam and pop-ups are banished.  The creators even suggest that the browser, built using Google Chromium technology, will provide faster speeds for downloads and website loading. 

But best of all (well, for Muslims, at least), Salam Browser “enables web browsing that helps maintain purity of your heart and benefits your values.”  

For everyone else, thanks for taking time from your daily unholy-violence-'n-porn internet bender to read about this...you may now return to your infidel insouciance.

On the fence for faith?
You can always go for the best of both worlds, like these girls in burqa-bikinis.
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