New Parts, New Art: Google's "Tilt Brush" Enables Creativity In Virtual 3D

Getting immersed in art is one of the finer pleasures of having a fully-developed human brain.  Now, you can saturate yourself with many styles of painting, doodling, sculpting, and viewing artwork in glorious 3D, thanks to a new artistic software tool from Google...

From sketches to sculpture, the art world is in for a new awakening...
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The Tilt Brush by Google is a revelatory new means of creating masterpieces.  Using the HTC Vive 3D platform, artists and amateurs alike can avail themselves of an array of tools to create spectacular imagery in a 3D environment.

The "brushes" in the program offer settings like Ink, Smoke, Snow, Fire, Splatter, and a variety of other interesting effects to actualize your creation.  The "room-scale" work area allows you to have a virtual gallery space to showcase your work, and thanks to the depth of three dimensions, you can "walk around" your artwork to complete it from every angle.  Viewers can also enjoy all aspects of your art in this fashion (or you can present it as a snapshot or gif, depending on what suits the piece.)

See?  Not ALL of virtual reality is going to be pornography.
Some of it is going to be 3D fire and explosions!
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And what might that virtual room look like?  The intuitive interface allows for adjustments to the "environment" settings, from a plain cube to a splashy scene of night sky-scape.  Other tools such as the "mirror" function help flesh out more of the creation in your space, and of course the usual Microsoft Paint-like implements are also there to help.  Plus all the colors a pixel can be painted!

Portraiture just got a whole lot more powerful.
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You can launch your new artistic awesomeness by downloading the Tilt Brush program via Steam.  It requires an HTC Vive platform currently, but will likely be available for other VR platforms in the future.  So, with no more worries about expensive paints and canvases, turpentine, marble, wood, knives, drills, and other cumbersome constraints of actualizing artwork...what do you think you could create?

Check out what some art pros invented while working with Tilt Brush!
It's a whole new medium in which to think big...

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