A New Don: "Yuuuge"-ly Popular App Lets Players Build Trump's Wall

The race for the presidency of the United States is heating up, with vitriol, intrigue, and computer "warfare" the likes of which society has never seen.  Hillary Clinton has spent millions trying to convince shills to talk her up online and detract from her opponents (all while playing ignorant to a swath of computer crimes), while Bernie Sanders has crowdfunded a surprisingly vibrant support network via his online followers.

However, it is the nimbly adaptable Donald Trump who has used modern technology to encompass a uniquely strong spectrum, beginning with developing an oddly-enthusiastic contingent of "alt-right" supporters who create memes and catchphrases to exult the admittedly-engaging rhetoric of "Make America Great Again."

And now, as any good leader of the future would have, there is an app that supports his vision.

Could this be the ticket to resolving decades of lax leadership?
Or is an app just the start of more political games?
(Image courtesy twitter.com.)

According to Koin.com, a new Donald Trump-themed app called "Trump's Wall" is currently at the top of the charts.  The humorously-intended game uses simple claw-game style mechanics, and the objective is (of course!) to build a wall as high as possible - a threat/promise the construction-magnate Trump has frequently propositioned regarding the U.S. border with Mexico.

The game positions the wall outside of a building that closely resembles the White House, but bearing Trump's name atop the edifice.  As the height escalates, the digital Trump avatar spouts some of his classic slogans, telling you how "yuuuuge" your creation will be.

Not a screencap from the game, but possibly
a glimpse into the future?
(Image courtesy www.guancha.cn.)

Of course, if you fail, he proclaims, "You're fired!"

Could this app usher in a new facet of political cognizance, where electronically actualizing goals set by candidates or those in office helps to inspire the general populace to further ponder their possible successes and failures if extrapolated into real life?  Or it is just "Angry Birds" with bricks and a comb-over?

The game is not a first-person shooter, so calm down those
preemptively-hurt feelings, liberal snowflakes.
(Image courtesy reddit.com.)

Only time and tenacious touchscreen-tapping will tell.  By the way, if you hate Trump too much to even entertain the idea of his success, you can keep yourself amused with the free computer game Drumpulous, where you shoot pixelated dildos at Trump's head.

Remember kids, don't delay...now's the time to start training athletically and packing your go-bags for the likely apocalypse this November.  Don't assume for a second that all of this isn't going to get much, much crazier.

Still better than a war criminal though, right?
(Image courtesy drumpulous.itch.io.)

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