You-Apalooza: Catch Concerts Without Leaving Your Couch Thanks To This Streaming Service

Are you a rocker, but due to time, money, or location constraints, you can't rock out at a show?  No worries - this concert-broadcasting service will still make you feel like a sultan of sound.

Impending avalanche of rocking out!
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According to the Detroit News, the Nugs website streams audio and video from major artists' concerts at a fraction of the price it'd cost to actually be there.  Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Roger Daltrey of the Who, and others have streamed shows via the service.  Users can watch their favorite artists on a pay-per-view basis, or get a monthly/yearly subscription for access to a library of some 10,000 shows.

Created by Brad Serling and Jon Richter, two friends who shared recordings of Grateful Dead concerts with other die-hard fans in the 1990s, they soon realized they were onto a plan when their broadcast of Phish's 2002 New Years' Show grossed over a million dollars.

Like, everyone wanted to be there in spirit, man.
So they did so, digitally.
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Recordings are taken from a combination of feeds from the band's sound board and other sources in the venue.  An average Springsteen concert goes for around $10, with an option to download the CD of the show for $23.  Higher-quality soundscapes for audiophiles are also available, with FLAC and ALAC files ready to download in HD for $19.95.

With prices these reasonable and sound quality at a strong level, many fans of jam bands (who play different improvisations on their songs each night) have taken to the service as a means of watching their favorite acts perform in diverse splendor.  Disco Biscuits keyboard player Aron Magner says, “Our fans are both loyal and rabid and have always been voracious to devour as much content as we are willing to deliver."

Fans at home, simply replace all these other fans with your couch or bed
for maximum pseudo-stagediving efficacy.
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Nugs also plans to branch out into other genres of music, so if there's a sick DJ set that you couldn't make it to Ibiza to catch, or a whoopin' good time at a country music show in Texas (but you live in France), Nugs will have you covered.

Rock on!

The exposure this service could provide to obscure bands is invaluable.
Hipsters everywhere will want to hear stuff you haven't.
Hot fall trend:  oompah-core?
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