Support Sans Surprises: New App Helps Divorced Parents Fund Without Fury

Divorce can be brutal.  Now, there's a way to fight for what you (and hopefully, your kids) need without any of the...well, monstrous fights.  Thank whatever god (or lack of god) that you believe in, someone invented an app to deal with finances after your marriage fails...

When procreation turns to recreation, sometimes you deserve compensation.
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No one (save sadists) wants to draw things out, so here it is:  it's called SupportPay.  Do you owe fines on your kid's expensive art/karate/computer classes?  Get it attended to (save arguments.)  

Run via PayPal, the SupportPay strata is an interesting new idea that allows parents to debate the merits of their children's supposed support networks (thankfully, sans court intervention.)  If you feel that Junior's pricey chess lessons aren't paying off, or if you suspect that classical-music career is something being more imposed than inspired in your child, you're allowed to e-pull the financial plug.

Just remember, your child-rearing capability (or complete lack thereof)
can still be called into legal question.
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Obviously, this is going to look egregious to your estranged partner.  But it's just a matter of numbers, says Ryan Falvey, managing director at the Center for Financial Services Innovation, who helped put SupportPay on the moneyed map. “This might be where technology can solve things in a big way, just by connecting people to information,” he claimed.

Some 36,000 parents are already invested in the service, which began charging $120 per year last September.  $36 extra means that your divorce attorney can sling those attendant arrows in court (though the "Lite" version still keeps a full six months of records on hand for use.)  Some 3,200 divorce attorneys, mediators, judges, and financial advisers are currently invested in the SupportPay system.

And , let's be honest, shit-tons more will follow.
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Financial accounts can be connected not just for child support, but also for college payments and other bills that add up while safekeeping your spawn.  You can learn more and even try SupportPay free for thirty days by visiting their website.

Because they're worth it, or something.

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