Seek Guidance (Through Traffic) From Morgan Freeman's Voice

The demand is simple:  you need to go places, which likely requires directions.  Those directions can be read off of a boring old map, or a guy who once played God can liltingly illuminate them for you.

"Get busy ridin', or get busy dyin'."
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That's right, according to Gizmodo, the velvety rumble that is the voice of Morgan Freeman can now give you direction...if not in life, then at least to another physical destination.  Using the Waze app, which is the world's largest community-sourced network of traffic updates and road-travel plans, you can navigate your neighborhood as though Robin Hood's trusty sidekick was your own.

"Starbucks again?  Really dude?
It's a good thing this is just an app and not a life debt."
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Of course, there is an ulterior motive to this smooth-talking situation:  it's a promotional stunt for Freeman's new film, "London Has Fallen" (the sequel to 2013's "Olympus Has Fallen.")  Freeman plays the U.S. Vice President who must help out England after terrorists invade.  The film will be released on March 4th.  Who cares if it's a marketing ploy, though?  Morgan Freeman is addressing you as if you were the president!

Not that you wouldn't be the best choice, at this point.
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To obtain Freeman's beautiful baritone for your own, simply download the Waze app, then hit the Morgan pedal by going to "Settings" in the app, then Sound > Voice Language > Morgan Freeman.  Let the mellifluous Morgan melt your worries away as you travel on your March of the...Whatever.

This sounds like an even better idea than last year's "Terminator" promo that featured the abrupt, authoritarian audio of Arnold Schwarzenegger guiding citizens around cities.  Well, this whole idea is basically Skynet in beta, who did you expect would start off the soundtrack?

And the man does know how to travel in style.
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