That Tune In Your Head...Lock It Down With This New App

So, you're a rockstar.  Or at least you're attempting to be one.  Really, someone needs to step up and fill a few recently-vacated positions, so why not you?  It's just that sometimes, those facemelting solos and sweet, sweet licks escape your brain while you're trudging away at your day job (or the bar...whatever, we don't judge.)  Fear not, however...there's now a way to keep track of your proto-"Greatest Hits" album...

All they need now is a screaming crowd app, a tour booking app,
and a doing-lines-off-strippers'-butts app.
But until then, you can still rock out.
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According to, Apple has developed a new app that allows musicians to make detailed, descriptive notes regarding their works-in-progress.  Called Music Memos, the free download will aid and abet your creative coolness without requiring a stack of bar napkins and a half-dead Sharpie.

An interface so simple, even drummers can use it!
Mostly because there's pre-programmed drum loops.
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Much like the company's previous Voice Memos app, which records audio onto iPads and iPods, this version features higher-quality recording capabilities as well as the ability to utilize instrumental presets to round out your sound.  Be honest, how many times have you stared at a scrap of paper and wondered what your scrawled "Ba-ba-buh-BEE-bop, ba-bop-ba-WAOWWW" was actually supposed to sound like?

Come on, you're better than this.
No matter how many shots of Jack it took to torture the creation out of your brain.
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The real beauty of the Music Memos app, however, is that it detects when an instrument is being played, and offers chord, key, and other notational ideas.  That's right, it's like Shazam, but in real-time.  Even if you don't know the title of the song being played, dammit, you can extrapolate that beauty.  Because artforms.

Don't get dissed by the cool musicians.  Keep your composition game on point.
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Noted 21st century artist T-Pain, who claims to have recorded his first album on Apple's GarageBand software, hailed the Music Memos app as a facilitator to “change the way an entire generation makes music."  Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams also chimed in, extolling, “It quite literally blew my mind how Music Memos could transform a single guitar idea into a whole composition with a virtual drummer loose enough that it felt like you were having your mind read by some A.I. musician and a choice of stand-up or electric bass accompaniments.”

Boom!  With Music Memos, you're now a composer.  Just
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Oh, and speaking of rockin' new Apple items, you can now update iOS to provide a "metal horns" emoticon.  Rock onward!

It's universal and needs no translation.
Suck it, smiley face.
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