Leave A Message, I'm Busy Vaping: New E-Cigarette/Cell Phone Hybrid

As we hurtle towards a fascinating future filled with automation of all ilk, we must be careful that our desires for instant gratification are not surrendered to a ridiculous level of robotics.  Sure, it's nice to have certain things on your phone, like the ability to customize your wake-up routine (complete with kickstarting the coffee pot from bed!), or an app that lets you cuddle with other peoples' dogs, but really...do we need an e-cigarette on there too?  Really?

A fire-free Frankenphone to fill your lungs in between chats.  Oh, technology, you're so crazy.
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Well, whether you like it or not, it's happening.  According to ohgizmo.com, a new type of e-cigarette is compatible with an Android smartphone, ostensibly so you can enjoy some of your most ardent addictions at once.

Video games, a booty call and a smoke after, ALL IN ONE!
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The Jupiter IO3 from Vaporcade combines all the refreshing flavored vapor of an e-cigarette with the ability to call your mom and simultaneously get yelled at for smoking.  It runs Android KitKat 4.4 and maintains a heroic 16 hours of battery time due to its shared dual power sources - one for the phone, one for that sweet, sweet e-nicotine.  Using less of one means more of the other, so the less Candy you Crush, the more candy-flavored "nectar" you can suck down.

The flavored liquid cartridges, which are sold separately, retail for $15.  They're good for about 800 puffs (the equivalent of 4 packs of analog butts) and can be regulated by an attendant app.  This showcases the level of nicotine inherent to the drags, liquid levels, and more smoker stats that could possibly be of use if you're trying to cut down (HAH), or achieve something similar to your previous combustion-inhalation caliber.

That's right, you can even get a hookah hose for it.
No word on it it's curly, like an old phone cord.
(Image courtesy techcrescendo.com.) 

The Jupiter retails for $299 (3G version) or $399 (4G version), and is available now.  And though we've no word on it yet, it only stands to reason that some intrepid medical marijuana company will make their own components for it, because this is sort of a world-wonder of stoner engineering ("Duuuude you can smoke your phooonnne, mannn.")

Let's just hope there's nothing truthful about all those reports of cell phones and e-cigarettes being harmful...the combination might be too much to bear.

To be fair, it doesn't look any more silly than other giant honking vape cloudmakers.
To each their own, even in a phone.
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