Hot Stuff: Germany's Peppr App Abets Their Legalized Prostitution

Do you like hookup apps, but hate the inconvenience of actually having to pretend to care about someone long enough to trick them into getting naked with you?  If you're in Germany, no worries...the prostitution app Peppr eliminates all possible hassles from your tryst transactions.

No need for dealings like this any more.
Like all the other societally-frowned-on stuff you participate in, now just use your phone!
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According to Time magazine, the Peppr app has become a revolutionary new force for fornication.  Operational since April of last year, Peppr trades off of Germany's legal, $21 billion-a-year sex industry, and is billed as "the first mobile Web app for booking erotic entertainment."

Simply verify you're over 18, choose your location (Berlin or Frankfurt), pick your partner's gender of preference, and scroll through a trove of tarts who are willing to commit a selection of sexy acts for you.  "The Pepprs", as the site's sultry stars are hailed, offer pictures, pricing, availability, proximity, and descriptions of services right there on their profile to help expedite your erotic adventure.

Yes, ladies, you can pay for "the boyfriend experience" with the schnitzel of your choice.
Show them off or get it on, your Peppr is there for your pleasure.
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A small booking fee (5 or 10 Euro) maintains the site's service as your e-pimp.  Co-founder Pia Poppenreiter simply wants sex work to be as non-"shabby" and easily facilitated as possible.  She explained, “I was walking down Oranienburger Stra├če — I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth — it was chilly, and I saw the poor girls on the streets, and I thought, why isn’t there an app? It’s not efficient to wait outside.”

To prospective Pepprs, the site is 100% free to post on, and one can register as independent or as part of an agency (since Germany's legalization in 2002, many escorts choose to work from "mega-brothel" organizations.)  Personal profiles can extend your appeal, with Pepprs describing everything about themselves from the standard stats (height, weight, hair, etc.) to what styles or scents they wear and what their interests and education involve (in case for some deeply kinky reason you get off on actually talking to them.)

It's like a whole red light district, right in your pocket.
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According to a Vice article that described the experience from the seller's perspective, Peppr is a useful, straightforward means of achieving a financial goal.  While it is difficult to gauge who may be using the app to traffic humans, the site's management does conduct brief interviews with the Peppr pros to attempt to make sure they're shedding inhibitions of their own volition.  The lack of a major middleman facilitates a new level of freedom for those who are hot enough to cash in on it, allowing more autonomy for the escorts (some of whom, though not under the duress of a pimp, may have traveled from poorer nations to Germany specifically for their lenient laws regarding love-sales.)

So don't feel bad about your financed frolicking...this is a good deal for everyone involved.  Sometimes you just don't want to deal with swiping through piles of Tinder when you could just have one really hot Peppr.

Technology to the rescue!
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