Can You Feel The Love Tonight? If Not, Try This New Dating Site For Disney Fans

Are you searching for a very special kind of romantic partner? Someone who will show you a whole new world, be part of your world, and create something there that wasn't there before?  Now, there's a weirdly-specific website for that.
"I love you toooooo."
But only if you're a crazy enough Disney fan to be able to translate Elliott the Dragon's brrrp-speech.
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According to NBC, the new dating app MouseMingle is for hardcore lovers of the works of Walt Disney.  Whether it be animated films, live action, the famous parks themselves, or the whole "wonderful world" of it, the site enables diehard Diz disciples to connect and maybe enjoy a romance as iconic as Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip, or some similar fantastic frolic.

Or invent a whole new story...there's some interesting ideas to choose from...
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Creator David Tavres was seeking that very sort of fairytale when the idea struck him, explaining, "I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am...{I had} no way to narrow down the searches to find women in the right distance and age range who loved Disney."

Now, the happy ending might come true for David, or others who want their circle of life to be a little more lively.  The MouseMingle site uses a "freemium" setup where users may browse others' profiles for free, but must pay $12.55 (monthly) to connect with their possible Prince (or Princess) Charming.  The "55" is an homage to the year that Disney's world-famous park opened to the public in Anaheim, California.

They have a corner on every other entertainment market.
This was only a matter of time.
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There's already a host of unusual niche dating websites, from fishermen to lumberjacks, Star Trekkies to sports fans.  There's even a site invented by a NASA engineer that utilizes complex algorithms and a wide array of data to determine maximum compatibility.  And MouseMingle is no less devoted to honing in on their target audience.  Users include specific stats like their favorite Disney characters, preferred park attractions, treasured pieces of merchandise, and more.  A "Disney nerd" level is also assessed, to properly gauge how much magic you confer upon Mickey.

Users can opt for romantic relationships or more casual "Park Pal" dates, wherein people can platonically enjoy the parks together.  But who heart-racing trip around the Rock 'N Roller Coaster, or a jump into someone's arms during the Tower Of Terror plummet, and you could be on your way to a relationship as adorable as the animated fox Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

Consider it your magic genie.

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