Learning Is Earning: 8 Online Courses That Improve The Richness Of Your Life (And Maybe Your Wallet)

Do you like learning things, but don't want to spend thousands at college?  Do you have an insatiable lust (or even mild affinity) for knowledge, but you dislike the classroom or tutor dynamic, and you don't like even just waking up in time to stuff stuff into your head?  Now, you can use the Udemy website to become more intelligent on a variety of topics so vast, you'll be smarter just knowing that it's possible to study these things.  Here are just a few of the new things we recently learned we could learn online...

If you're reading this, you may have already taken the first step towards
getting really good at a new skill.  How exciting!
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1. Meet Your Brain icon
A free and fascinating discussion of neuroscience, this course is an owner's manual that anyone with a brain could benefit from.  Learn about the different functions of the grey matter, why "right" and "left" brains don't matter as much as you might think they do, how emotions like helplessness are actually results of deeply-ingrained survival instincts, how trust and confidence affect your mental state, and more.  Conducted by Gregory Caremans, a neurocognitive and behavioral expert, this is a straightforward and intriguing way to get your brain to know itself better.  No brain surgery skills needed!  9 lecture segments, one hour running time.  Free.

2. Remote Viewing Basics icon
Now that you know a little bit about how your brain operates, why not take it out for a spin?  In this series by professional remote viewer Stacey Tallitsch, you will learn how to train your innate intuition into more complex psychic skill.  Printable handouts aid in the interactive learning process.  Don't believe this sort of thing is possible?  Tallitsch was trained for 15 years by Major Ed Dames of the U.S. military's "Project Stargate" psychic spy program, and currently assists FBI agents in remotely locating lost children.  Wouldn't it be interesting to find out if you too could train yourself to possess such a skill?  34 lecture segments, 3 hour running time.

Think you can truly tune in?  Try it out!
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3. Learn Step-by-Step How to Build a Smart Home System icon
Ok, maybe you want to learn something a little more concrete before leaping off into the psychic realm.  Fair enough.  How about making the most of your favorite personal spaces?  You can start with interior design and work your way all the way up to Architecture.  In this series from telecom expert Gerard O'Donnell, you will learn how to wire your domicile together so that your thermostats, lights, music and more can all be controlled via your phone or tablet device.  Learn how to set up security cameras so you can keep an eye on your house from wherever, and automate alarms so that in case you miss an intruder or smoke signal, your smart home will not!  41 lectures, 9 hour running time.

4. The Speed Reading Process icon
Another functional and free series, these lectures focus on how to digest more information than you ever thought possible.  With some training and an open mind, you can teach yourself to read up to three times faster.  Step-by-step instructions illuminate the process in a moderated manner.  Help overcome negative reading habits like "mind-wandering" and hone your focus so that you can become an expert on more things, more quickly!  26 lectures, 3 hour running time.  Free.

BTW, it's perfectly fine to use all the time you saved
to speed-read through even more stuff!
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5. The Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market icon
With all the complexities of our monetary system, it can be daunting to attempt to decode all the digits.  In this free series, you'll learn all of the important elements of the stock market.  Understanding how trading works is a great way to expand your knowledge of both the world market and your personal finances.  And it costs you nothing to try it out!  7 lectures, one hour running time.  Free.

6. How to Be a Human Lie Detector icon
What about learning things that are a little more nebulous than numbers?  Here, you can train yourself to pick up on subtle social cues that warn you when someone is trying to pull wool over your eyes.  Instructed by author and noted behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards, you will learn to spot liars in person and in print (including emails, IMs, and texts.)  You will also learn about deception-spotting myths (for instance, many liars will look directly into your eyes - to see if you believe them) and how to uncover hidden truths in relationships so that you may communicate more effectively and honestly.  37 lectures, 4 hours running time.

Can you spot who's cheating?  Just be careful (and informed!) before you call someone out...
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7. Record Voice Like a Pro icon
Feel like you could make a few bucks just by blathering on, or by recording others who do so?  Maybe you can, if you use the tricks imparted in this series.  Geared towards voiceover artists, sound engineers, and others who want only the crispest and clearest recordings of vocals for their work, you will learn how to maximize your recording space's acoustic capability and understand the various elements of gear that makes for super sounds.  Podcast or produce other vocals like a pro!  93 lectures, 5.5 hours running time.

8. Video Production icon
Now that you've got the vocals down, what about video?  Here's your shot to shoot like the stars.  In a world full of subpar youtube and cellphone videos, why not make your project stand out with quality?  Using this guide, you will learn the basics of writing, lighting, framing, and filming your project, whether it is a youtube hype for your dog-grooming business or a feature film you're just burning to have hit the screen - however it has to happen.  Advice on camera and sound gear is included as well, so you'll have all the basics of how to seriously start in style. 11 lectures, 2 hour running time.  Free.

Just remember, you have to be good before you can be crazy.
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We'll be updating soon with more classes for the masses from Udemy!  In the meantime, take advantage of their holiday sales and score yourself some fresh new knowledge for next to nothing (or FREE!)  It's like Christmas for your neurons.  

Learn at your own pace, without worry.  Sorry, Sister Mary, the internet overrules your ruler.
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