If You Suspects Something, Text Something: New Anti-Terror App For New Yorkers

Are you remaining vigilant in these trying times, citizen?  Well just in case you were thinking of keeping to yourself and minding your own damn business, the government doesn't want you to, and there's a new app to abet that.

Your activism needs no more than the swipe of a finger.
That should probably be worrisome, right?
(Image courtesy ny.gov.)

According to the New York Daily News, the governor of New York (Andrew Cuomo) has recently launched an initiative to crowd-source state surveillance.  In case you haven't heard about this in taxicabs, on the news, in the paper, at the DMV, at a rest stop on the road, or from the cops who just took you in for no apparent reason, the new app is called "If You See Something, Send Something."  It is yet another weapon in the fight to keep our fair cities free of terrorism.

Though Cuomo claims the app is not to be used as a substitute for, you know, actual emergencies, users are free to drop the state police intelligence division a quick photo or note depicting the possible crime against humanity that's in progress.  No hunches!  But unattended backpacks, well, that's acceptable.  Learn more about what the state considers suspicious here.

See also: homemade clocks, ostentatious sneakers, Sikhs.
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"It is important to remember that all New Yorkers have a role in keeping our state safe,” said state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner John Melville.  With similar programs in place in Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Louisiana, the sentiment seems to be spreading.

In New York, the app will be augmented by the hiring of 46 more "specially trained" officers who will patrol major transit hubs of NYC at an estimated cost of $3 million.  As Cuomo justified, "These new efforts are essential pieces in our fight against terrorism...We have stepped up our preparedness in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, and we continue to remain vigilant against those who seek to spread fear and violence. Despite the tremendous pain and loss that terrorist attacks around the world have caused the people of this state, the family of New York stands stronger than ever before."

How many images like this are the police going to receive,
with "info" like, "Yo, 5-0, check out these suspicious guns, LOLOLOL!
J/k....I'm so lonely, please talk to me."
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Interesting choice of words with "the family of New York", considering mob boss scion Giovanni Gambino made a statement to the press earlier this week vowing that the Mafia would be offering protection from ISIS to New York City (though no word on how much THAT would cost us...probably a lot of non-seen, non-sent messages.)

But remember, according to New York State's informational webpage on the app, "It's Our Responsibility to Pay Attention and Take Action."  The app is free and operable on both iOS and Android devices.

P.S. - Here are some tips from the state's official terror-spotting hints webpage.
Ways To Improve Observation Skills: 
-Employ good listening skills
-Do not let personal feelings interfere with the incident
-Look at the entire situation before making a judgment
-Watch for non-verbal communication signs
-Use feedback to obtain and verify information report
-Observe and report - notify your local police!
-DO NOT become personally involved

You cause too much trouble when you try to know things or do too much.
Let the pros handle this.
(Image courtesy vosizneias.com.)

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