A Wonder For Down Under: New Kegel Exerciser / Videogame App (Seriously)

Ladies, we know that "playing with yourself" is not the most delicate way to describe an aspect of maintaining healthy sexual function, but in this case, it's the literal truth...

We also know it's uncouth to steal other publications' headline imagery,
but the Britons really nailed this one.
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According to Vice magazine, there is a new combination video game / Kegel exercise routine that makes strengthening your pelvic floor fun!  It's called the Elvie and it hails itself as "your most personal trainer."  Oh boy.

The Elvie is a small silicone device that, when inserted into the vagina, connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app that leads you through a series of exercises that double as video games.  Your internal muscles, along with the Elvie, function as the controller.  And we'd thought the Nintendo Power Glove was cool!

Surprisingly, this was never officially made into an intimate exercise aid.
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The exercises are brief (around 5 minutes) and completely discreet, so you can get your core-gasmic skills fired up basically anywhere.  Yes, theoretically you could do this right in the middle of the office, with no one the wiser that you're getting paid to power-up your pussy.

"Yep, totally working on those quarterly reports, boss!  Coming along great!  Hnnnng."
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Promising "better core strength, control, and yes, even better sex", the Elvie functions to improve a collection of muscles that are difficult to see, and thus easy to neglect.  This isn't just a kinky con, there are actual benefits of Kegel exercises, including aiding in back pain and pregnancy recovery.  As the Elvie website's FAQ states:

"Without regular exercise, pelvic floor muscles are likely to cause more than half of all women bladder, sex or prolapse problems. Physical activities and life events, like impact sports, pregnancy, and giving birth weaken these muscles. When done correctly, simple exercise develops muscle tone and maintains strength."

It's not a work-out, it's a work-IN.
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For competitive chicks, the Elvie app allows you to  break records of Kegel kickassery in their Speed and Pulse challenges.  Other exercises include LVs (levator scores) and lifts.  By clenching and lifting the Elvie with your levator muscles (that's the scientific term for your pelvic floor), you manipulate a ball across the game screen, attempting to keep it buoyant or trying to hit targets.  It's not nearly as arduous as regular exercise, and could end up becoming your second favorite thing to do down there.

It's not "Minecraft", but it'll craft your mine.  Consider it your "Call Of Duty",
just make sure it doesn't "Fallout."  Hooray for video games!
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Created by an Oxford-educated women's health advocate and integrating technology from the awareables champions at Jawbone, Elvie has an excellent pedigree.  It also recently won the "Best R&D Design" award at the Design Museum in London.  So, yeah, your pussy is in good hands, as it were.

Elvie retails for $199 and is compatible with iPhone and Android operating systems.  And it might become very compatible with you...

"Hnnng!"   -"Hnnng?"  "...Hnnng."
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