Happaratus: New "Disruptive" Power Glove For Smoother Sculpting

Many people think that the best confluence of art and technology is digitally-aided, as in a video game, or computer-animated illustrations.  However, technology can still remain digital - in this case, on your digits - and still help create amazing artwork.

It's a helping hand unlike any other.
(Image courtesy happaratus.com.)

According to Global Construction Review, a new glove functions as a sculpting aid by shaving down wood or stone just by lifting a finger.  The glove was created by Danish designer Morten Grønning Nielsen, who had created a prototype with electric kitchen knives before inventing the current glove, known as the Happaratus.

The Happaratus works like a power tool, with three abrasive pads on the thumb and forefingers that oscillate at different speeds to shape whatever material they are working with.  Nielsen's glove uses sandpaper for the abrasion, but he maintains that a stronger version of the glove could be created with tungsten carbide or ceramic steel for maximum material manipulation.

Personal touches:  the refined nature of the Happaratus's ability makes for precise projects.
(Image courtesy decor10blog.com.)

The unique simultaneous sculpting/carving nature of the glove can also shave lightly at a surface level, such as for sanding or shaping work that only needs slight modifications.  Artists who have used the Happaratus enjoy its level of precision.  As the Happaratus website states, the device is intended for "Enabling a seamless workflow for creating and manipulating complex surface geometries", which includes works both for creation and restoration.

The future of art means that you can still work with your hands and have a little digital help.  By using this "disruptive" force for traditional tools and workflow, perhaps you could shake loose some new ideas of your own.

They're not for sale yet, but the possibilities are ponderous...
(Image courtesy catalogodiseno.com.)

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