Surrealism From A Search Engine: Google's "Deep Dream" System Now An App

If you like perusing weird things on the internet, you may have recently seen that Google's artificial neural networks have been allowed to run rampant and "dream" up combinations of images.  These creepy/cool composites are now available for anyone, if you can handle the ride...

Androids may dream of electric sheep, but Google dreams of art gone awry...
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The "daydream" images from the networks are as hallucinatory as anything a human can trip out to, and now, they can be abetted via the Dreamscope app.  According to Gizmodo, it features 19 of the filters that the Google-brain weirds out with.  It requires no coding expertise to use, but should be considered unsafe for work...or possibly sanity.

See, Google dreams of Jen Lawrence, same as you do...DEAR GOD, WAIT, WHAT?
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Gizmodo's Maddie Stone explained, "The 'Deep Dream' system essentially feeds an image through a layer of artificial neurons, asking an AI to enhance and build on certain features, such as edges. Over time, pictures can become so distorted that they morph into something entirely different, or just a bunch of colorful, random noise."

Users need only upload a photo and choose a, filter.  And you thought your Instagram sepia-tone made images eerie.  Just wait until you run the family Christmas photos through Google's dream-demons...

Still think that looking at animal pics on the internet is fun and cute?
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