Lo-Fi Love: Classic Camera Configuration + Smartphone = Art?

As smartphone cameras increase in capability, some pretty cool video imagery has captured the public eye.  Now, thanks to a fun "throwback"-style invention, you can bring some of the style of classic cameras to your modern movies...

That's an iPhone 6 inside there, because the future is awesome.
(Image courtesy thestashed.com.)

As reported by Mashable, the Lumenati Cinematic Smartcase is a housing for your smartphone that makes it both look and act like an old Super 8 film camera.  With a handle for additional stability, a vintage-style viewfinder, and compatibility with various types of lenses, this blast from the past could actually help filmmakers improve their futures in the art (well, at least the art as it's defined by smartphone-footage.)

A trigger-style button operates powering on and off, and a cold-shoe mount enables extra attachments like additional lighting (because you always wanted to be a super-dramatic film auteur) or microphones (because every cinematic masterpiece needs good audio!)  Lenses can be interchanged easily, and a variety of film lenses (not just ones made by Lumenati) can be experimented with.

Wide-angle, telephoto, fisheye...your smartphone now has some serious shots to make.
(Image courtesy kickstarter.com.)

To further augment your budding directorial debut, the Lumenati CS is compatible with any camera tripod.  The viewfinder allows for glare-free assessment of your shots in real-time, so you can be sure you captured that moment of movie magic (or just your friend's pug doing something stupid.)

"This is the 'Citizen Kane' of dog videos.  I call it 'Citizen Canine.'"
(Image courtesy theb9.com.)

An attendant app allows for editing, including different visual filters and sound dubbing.  It's like you've got Paramount Pictures in your pocket.  However, the release date is still pending...the Lumenati CS1 Kickstarter campaign is in full swing, and a $150 pledge gets you a black CS1, a 45mm lens, and a lens wipe (a package which will cost $250 post-campaign.)

Hey, if it helps to make people create videos that are actually worth watching, that's a beautiful thing.  This could be the perfect way to transform videos of your repeated, brutal skateboard crashes into an artistic meditation on human failure and resurgence.  Or at least you can take a stab at being arty without having to raise a Hollywood-level budget.

Warning: may lead to you attempting to shoot an arty remake of "Lawrence Of Arabia"
while your friends are just trying to chill on the beach.
(Image courtesy balajoe27.wordpress.com.)

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