Hear The World: Listen To Top Tracks From Different Countries With "Music Globe 3D" App

Are you a music fan that likes branching out beyond not just genres, but national interests?  Now, with the help of a new app, you can travel the world via your ears...

You can still feel like a rockstar on tour, even if you're neither of those things.
(Image courtesy blog.discmakers.com.) 

Thanks to a new app from Music Paradise, you can check out international musical styles, novelties, and popular genres, all by simply clicking on a map.  Music Paradise's Music Globe 3D app enables you to watch different nations' music charts, to see who is trending in real-time.

With a customizable globe and any number of possible new sonic discoveries awaiting, audiophiles may find this an interesting change from just poring over the deep cuts of obscure bands from known genres.  You can now pore over popular cuts from artists in obscure countries!

These guys could be rocking out your new favorite jam, right now!
(Image courtesy bbc.co.uk.)

Music Paradise also offers a Mixtape app that allows you to change tempos, switch keys, and add sound effects to your favorite tracks.  It's a simple way to freshen up old tunes that might have started sounding stale, or to innovate with new inspirations (possibly gleaned from your new aural travels.)

An array of other audiophilic apps are also available from Music Paradise (Rhodes Keyboard?!  Awesome!)  Because when a tune gets stuck in your head, sometimes you have no choice but to jam.

And if you run out of Earthly sounds, you can go listen to some spacey tracks from NASA.

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