Glory Feed: New Christian-Themed Social Media Site Launches

If you feel that you're being set upon by the devil when you see scandalous images appear on your social networks, maybe it's time to go with god and ascend to a higher form of Facebook.  For the holy who like to keep in touch, the new "FaceGloria" network exists...

Every time you post a selfie while boozing, you end up in a lower circle of hell.
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According to the Mirror UK, the website FaceGloria has all the interesting elements of Facebook, except minus the drinking photos, swearing, anarchistic atheism, nudity, and gay pride.  So yeah, basically it found a way to take the remaining scraps of fun from what has already devolved into a auto-fellating, hugboxed testament to a personal desperation (come on, you know you're just posting those shitty selfies for the two-second hit of "like" adrenaline and not any valid social or artistic commentary.)

The site recently launched in Brazil, and already boasts some 100,000 users.  It is currently only available in Portuguese, but the company is set to expand into many other languages.  However, the internationally-applicable rules include staunch bans on depictions of violence, nude imagery, drinking references, anything pertaining to gay relationships, and swearing (a list of some 600 words are banned from usage on the site.)

Wait a second...
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Founder Atilla Barros explained, "On Facebook you see a lot of violence and pornography.  That's why we thought of creating a network where we could talk about God, love and to spread His word...We want to be morally and technically better than Facebook."

Can the man get an amen?  No, seriously, can he get an "Amen"?  Because that's the button that exists instead of "Like" on FaceGloria.  No word on if the "Share" button is actually designated "Offer Communion." 

God apparently works in mysterious ways.  Why shouldn't technology be included there?  Just remember, even if you're not posting your sins online for the eyes of the world to condemn, those events will always show up on God's timeline.  Does He accept confessions via PM?

He's not showing off his sick biceps, unlike a standard Facebook user.
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