Watch Out: Apple Watch 2.0 Already In The Works

Time flies, and technological pertinence flies with it.  Since the launch of the much-lauded Apple Watch brought the fans out in force for the treasured timepieces this year, it has been revealed that Apple is already working on their new-and-improved 2016 model.

Ready for round two, Apple lovers?
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As reported by, the Apple Watch 2 takes the idea of the wrist-mounted cyber-command even further than their popular first edition.  Sources claim that a video camera and a revamped wireless system for augmented iPhone independence will soon be on the clock.  A variety of new premium styles will also be offered (because one must have some fashion to go along with all of that function.)

The video camera has been added specifically to allow for users to make FaceTime visual calls.  Audio versions of the calls are also available (in case you’re having a bad hair day or whatever), but now you can connect like a super-spy…or just show someone sweet your smiling face.

To aid in the watch’s ability to be “untethered” from the need for an attendant iPhone, the new wireless system will improve functionality for independent internet connectivity.  Watch-based text messaging, emails, well-updated weather information will all be made more accessible thanks to this development.  The new Wi-Fi chip will also be strong enough to allow Apple to track the watches via the Find My Watch feature.   However, larger data transfers such as synching media files or obtaining software updates will still require an iPhone co-conspirator.

Thus, like time, the ceaseless influx of technological progression marches on…  

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