Reznor Helms New Beats 1 Radio Launch; Brings Listeners Closer To God

And you can have it all.  His empire of...well, a lot more than dirt.  Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor wants to help music fans find new artists to aurally appreciate, as well as enjoy classics, with the new Beats 1 radio program by Apple...

Despite previous claims, his intent is neither to let you down, nor to make you hurt.
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According to Rolling Stone, Reznor claimed that other streaming music services left him "feeling lacking", but that he aspired to create a streaming music environment similar to "when radio was good – which maybe it never was – but in my mind, there was a time when it seemed better than it currently is."

Fair enough.  Reznor isn't just lending his celebrity to this initiative - he's also offering his artistry.

  "When the service goes live, the first thing I've put up is something I couldn't have done or wouldn't have done anywhere else, which is the entire album The Fragile as an instrumental-outtakes compilation that plays like a regular album but sounds very different without my voice in the way. And there's different arrangements to certain songs and oddly that makes for a different, complementary music experience. So that'll be there as soon as you download the app, you'll see that in, on my Connect page."

That's the face we made when we read about the new Trent tracks.
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Other artists who will broadcast their own radio spots over the channel include Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, Elton John and Dr. Dre.  These are just a few of the notable minds contributing to Beats 1's idea of personally "curating" the music to best suit fans' interests.  As Reznor explains,

"That aspect of treating music like art is important. And we've tried to do that everywhere that you come across music in Apple Music. When you listen to a radio station here, every song has been chosen by somebody."

Sort of like this, but on your phone.
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This concept, rather than a reliance solely on algorithms, could help navigate fans through a vast library of options to treasurable new tunes.  "Anything that makes music more important to people is worth it," Reznor says.  

"What could beat having access to all the music in the world delivered easily to you and elegantly in a way that inspires discovery?"

Apple Music launches Beats Radio 1 today, as well as the updated iOS 8.4.  Beats Radio 1 is free to all users with an Apple ID.  It's the perfect drug.

Maybe he's reflecting your own madness back onto you until you shriek at the void,
or maybe he's just promoting an immersive new music service.
Maybe both.  We'll see.
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