Know Your Joe: New App For Coffee Connoisseurs

In today's busy, bustling world, few things fuel you faster than a nice cup (or carafe) of coffee.  Iced, spiced, black, blonde, it doesn't matter as long as it does the job.  Now, there's a new app to help you learn more about the world's greatest caffeinated creation...

This may be true, but you can still do a damned decent home-brew...
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New Technologies' Advanced Coffee Guide has been created to offer you a coffee calculator (to help perfect the precise pot for your needs), coffee recipe ideas, the backstory of the beans, and more.  While it doesn't have a trigger to remotely alert your machine to start a'brewin (can someone invent that, BTW?), it does offer you lots of facts and ideas that would be great to discuss over...well, perhaps a cup of coffee?

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The "history and interesting facts" of coffee can be examined, with international and ancient takes on the brew of the gods.  For instance, did you know that one origin story of coffee involves the Yemenite Sufi mystic, Ghothal Akbar Nooruddin Abul al-Asan al-Shahili, who noticed that the birds in Ethiopia were pretty wired, and enjoyed the same effects himself after eating the same beans that the birds did?  That's pretty cool.  Nothing like a little mysticism with your morning joe.

It is kind of godlike in the powers it bestows.
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The coffee calculator gives you exacting measurements for the quantity needed to produce a perfect espresso, cappuccino, Americano, or even more exotic varietals of the roasted rush.  You too can be as capable a barista as those fancy tattooed kids at that hip little spot downtown, and you didn't even need to waste tens of thousands of dollars on a philosophy or gender studies degree.

Also, those java bills add up.  Beat the system, brew your own!
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For recipes, you can learn ways to finagle your fix into all manner of interesting ingestables.  Information on coffee types, characteristics, and even major companies can add to you personalizing your palate instead of just huffing down some Dunks (although, to be fair, that definitely works too.)

So fire up your grinder, warm up the water, steady the steam spouts and get your caffiending self even more informed and inspired about this delightful daily ritual.  YOU be the star, not Starbucks!

You're better than this.
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