Weed On Wheels: New Cannabis Delivery App "The Seamless Of Marijuana"

Feeling lazy?  Was it because you smoked a bunch of weed?   Was it because you smoked ALL of your weed?  Don't worry...if you happen to live in California, you don't even need to get off that sweet, comfy couch to get more...

Green on the scene!
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According to mjnewsnetwork.com, a new startup by entrepreneur Paul Warshaw aims to be the "Seamless of marijuana."  The service, called GreenRush, delivers cannabis to those too incapacitated...for whatever reason...to make it to their nearest dispensary.

The system is simple:  go to the website, browse dispensaries, select your specific strain (or edibles), and set a delivery time.  In under an hour, your tree-treats are on your porch and ready to torch (or munch.)

"This must be the right house...the pizza guy just pulled up behind me."
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“The overall process of getting cannabis was very onerous, with everything from finding a dispensary to getting in the car and driving there to waiting in line and filling out paperwork,” Warshaw explained. “We’re providing patients with as many options as we can.”

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Those options only require a brief one-time verification process that you are a medical marijuana patient, some sort of internet-enabled device, and your capability to remain lucid (and relatively un-paranoid) when the dealer...sorry, deliveryman...shows up.  Up to 56 grams (two ounces) of cannabis flower can be delivered at a time.

Their iOS app launched this week, man.  Fire it up!

Keep dreaming, rest of America.
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