Rock The Stocks: New App Enables Commission-Free Stock Trading

Want to start making money in the stock market, but aren't sure where or how to start?  Thanks to a new app, now you can dabble in trading for free...

Be a cool stockbroker like these guys...except possibly in your pajamas.
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According to, the RobinHood app allows easy stock trading from one's smartphone, for $0 trade commission fees.  While other online traders could charge rates as high as $65 to make stock trades due to location or other circumstances, the RobinHood app never charges users for the exchange.

Because of its ease of use and affordability, the app is aimed at the millennial market (the developers, Baiju Prafulkumar Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev, are millennials themselves.)  The ease of the interface is designed specifically rookies who are looking to learn more about investing while starting small.

From small street to Wall Street...greed IS good.  Get your cash and pay nothing back.
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In-app notifications alert you of the latest purchase times available for desired stocks, as well as other important shareholder information (such as dividends and high-low reminders.)  To date since their inception in 2013, $500 million in transactions has been exchanged, with users saving some $12 million in commission fees.

RobinHood is available for iOS and will soon debut in Android.  Happy stock hunting!

This is you, making money anywhere.  Start tapping and trading today!
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