Real-Life "TRON" Lightcycle Hits The Grid After Sotheby's Auction

This year has been a good one for futuristic vehicles.  We have a prototype hoverboard, a new crew-bearing spacecraft, and now, a "lightcycle" that looks just like the one featured in the "TRON" films...

Kickass cycling suit not included.
(Image courtesy

According to, this flashy whip was one-of-a-kind, and sold at the RM Sotheby's auction for a cool $77,000.  Built for the Andrews Collection, a high-end series of cars, the bike was based off of the model shown in the 2010 "TRON: Legacy" film.

Bearing a 96-horsepower direct-drive electric motor, actual suspension, a digital electronic transmission, and hydraulic brakes, the bike works like any other fancy motorcycle (but sadly without the flashy walls-of-light from the film.)

You still need virtual reality headsets for this.
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Best of all, it was in sharp shape.  According to the auction page, "After its completion by the Andrews’ in 2012, the bike has only been ridden around their facilities to ensure that it remains in functioning condition."  So some lucky rider (a computer programmer or game designer, perhaps?) gets to break in this beauty like it was fresh from a parallel computerized universe.

Now if they can only get some of those "Star Wars" racing pods in development...

The future looks a little bright, and a lot cool.
(Image courtesy RM Sotheby's.)

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