Notes From The Posterior: New Butt-Bot Helps Med Students Hit Prostates Like Pros

Let's face it, there are many doctors who, despite serving as capable medical professionals, leave a lot to be desired in their bedside manner.  This can be particularly vexing when the issue (or treatment thereof) necessitates above-average intimacy.  One new innovation will now be able to put both doctors and patients a little bit more at ease:  Patrick, the robotic butt.

And all the tech isn't for twerking...
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According to, this plastic posterior is the result of several universities' combined efforts, as well as funding from the National Science Foundation.  The technological tuchis is equipped with four sensors that enable students to understand how their performance on a prostate exam feels for their patient.

Patrick is designed specifically to mimic a real-life scenario, with a screen depicting the rest of his face and body in a usual doctor's office setting.  Students practice their bedside manner by conversing with Patrick about his history, medical issues, and the uncomfortable exam he will soon endure.  During the exam, which the students manually conduct inside of Patrick's realistic rubber rear, the internal sensors react to pressure.  Patrick will inform students if their touch is too hard or soft, and if the prostate itself was accurately assessed.

Science and progress.
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“Our goal is to get students more comfortable with these mortifying scenarios,” said Dr. Benjamin Lok, a professor and lead designer on the project. “There aren’t enough opportunities for students to practice, which causes them a lot of anxiety.”

To that end, Lok intends to market more Patricks, both to augment students' skills and patients' peace of mind.  Patrick is already in use at the University of Florida and Drexel University, with more widespread usage hopefully to commence.

By the way, if you think your job is terrible, at least you're not one of the live human actors that med students had to repeatedly practice on before Patrick came along.  

"I wanted to be the next Marlon Brando."
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