Hack In Black: Turn Your Smartphone Into A Portable Blacklight

Since your smartphone already can seem like something out of the future, why not give it an extra superpower?  You can now act like a criminal investigator (handcuffs optional) and scan for clues using your smartphone as a blacklight...

And then, adorning everything in blacklight ink becomes your new graffitti...
(Image courtesy pinterest.com.)

According to blog.shaq.com (yes, that Shaq), turning your smartphone into a blacklight device is a simple hack.  It can help with assuring cleanliness in hotels or from pet accidents, or can decode secret messages if you write using dish soap.  The hack was tried on an iPhone but also works for Android devices.

Seriously, you can freak out people with "ghostly" messages...from your dish soap.
(Image courtesy youtube.com.)

              -clear tape
              -blue and purple Sharpie markers

Now get down to business!
(Image courtesy nydailynews.com.)

         -Cut a small piece of tape.  Fold it over, leaving a flap so that the tape may easily be removed from your smartphone.

         -Apply the tape over your phone's back camera flash.
         -Apply a layer of blue Sharpie marker to the tape.

         -Apply a second layer of tape in the same manner, also Sharpie'ing it blue.

        -Apply a third layer of tape and color that one using the purple Sharpie.

Caution:  may make selfies look a little different.
(Image courtesy youtube.com.)

Congratulations!  You are now an amateur sleuth, or you can at least check that your glow-in-the-dark accoutrements are looking sharp before your next rave party.  Use your new powers wisely...blacklights can uncover grossness that cannot be unseen!

(Image courtesy prezi.com.)


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