Ecocapsule Homes: Better Than Rent Or Tents

Living off the grid is an attractive idea for many in this hyper-commercial, uber-urban world.  Now, a new self-contained pod could bring you one step closer to scaled-down solace...

You bring me closer to pod.
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According to the Metro UK, the new Ecocapsule is a small sanctuary that can safely stash you anywhere in the world.  The 2.5 x 4.5 meter pod is a one-man outpost that allows you to exist in remote locations without sacrificing modern comforts.

Thanks to 2.6 meters of solar panels and a retractable wind turbine charging up your pod-palace, you'll have warm water in your shower (that's right, it has a shower...and a flush toilet) as well as power for electricity.  An onboard kitchenette is also available for your cooking needs (in case local delivery guys are wary of approaching your awesome enclave.)

It's like every fort you built as a kid, except more awesome, and with power.
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Even if it's dark outside and lacking windpower, an integrated battery will still keep the juices flowing.  Speaking of juices, rainwater is collected, funneled, and filtered by the Ecocapsule, adding even more sustainable sweetness to your digs.

So if you're going to run away, do it in sustainable style!  The Ecocapsule begins shipping late this year, and will have even more options available in 2016.  Habitation has never been so helpful.

Not sure if it's meant to be lived in or hugged.  Maybe both.
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