Pan-droids: Futuristic "Automated Kitchen" Robo-Chef To Debut In 2017

Many classically-popular visions of the future are starting to pick up steam, but one in particular is really cooking.  No, seriously, it's a robot that cooks...

Just don't let it drink too much of that wine as it works.
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According to, a robot set to launch in 2017 is capable of creating 2,000 different dishes by "hand."  Using humanoid hand-like controls to cut, stir, mix, pour, and measure ingredients, this cyborg chef will be as accessible as ordering food on your phone.  Actually, that's exactly what will happen: an attendant app will offer users a menu, and once punched in, the chow-bot sets to work.

It's like a reverse-Terminator that keeps you alive with delicious meals.
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Created by Moley Robotics, the culinary contraption features amazingly dexterous hands that operate via 20 motors, 24 joints, and 129 sensors.  The "hands" are sensitive enough for refined culinary work like cutting and measuring, and the robot itself "knows" when to adjust heat and remove its confections from the stove (which features as a part of the integrated Automated Kitchen unit.)

The hands are so dexterous, you'll have to be careful they don't start slap-fights with your other robots.
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The robotic hands are driven by algorithms that originated from recordings made of a professional chef working in a special 3D-film studio.  Ultimately, the robot's actions would be advanced enough to school any humans watching - a reverse-learning process that could have appeal to prospective chefs or just those seeking to perfect new recipes.  An updateable, teachable "app store for food" would provide instructions and recipes for the Automated Kitchen to create as its humans kick back with a nice pre-dinner drink (oh, and there's a robot for that, too.)

'Bots and shots.  What a future!
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Mark Oleynik, the founder of Moley Robotics, is excited about the creativity and connectivity elements of the Automated Kitchen as much as the labor-saving pluses. “Whether you love food and want to explore different cuisines, or fancy saving a favorite family recipe for everyone to enjoy for years to come, the Automated Kitchen can do this,” he said.

Check out Moley's website to watch your personal robo-chef whip up some of Grandma's spaghetti.  Let's just hope they also taught it how to do the dishes.

And they didn't give it legs, so it can't chase you with that chef's knife if you insult its culinary creations.
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