Will The Force(field) Be With Us? Boeing Patents An Electromagnetic Shield

Shields have been the companion to swords since time immemorial...across numerous fields of war and peace, many will claim that the best offense is a good defense.  Now, Boeing has thrown down (and up, and sideways) on this notion, and patented an electromagnetic force field.

This is part of the actual patent.  How awesome is that?
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According to Popular Science, the "shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc" is an idea intended to thwart the effects of explosive devices on a variety of targets.  While many current military vehicles are built in such a manner that explosive devices will be scattered upon impact to their initial external armor, this lends a whole new layer of protection to those serving in dangerous capacities.

Apparently the "electricity" rule in tag has now become a reality.
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The patent states that sensors will detect an explosion, in the air or in the sea, and use the blast's illumination as well as other elements calculate the time and location from whence it came.  The sensors will subsequently trigger lasers, microwaves, or other blasts of electrical energy to negate the impact.  The system will have an onboard "database" of explosive analysis, to determine which countermeasures best suit the attack.

Who put the bomb in the bomb sha-bomb, sha-NOPE.
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The technology could help protect submarines, ships, oil rigs, ground vehicles, planes, and various kinds of buildings and those that inhabit them.  By ionizing the air around them, the laser bursts from form plasma blockades to thwart the explosion's impact by reflecting, refracting, absorbing, and deflecting it.

Could we be in the "Star Wars" future already?  More tests will tell.  However, it's great to know that though it may be impossible to keep the world peaceful, we can at least help keep people more safe.

Check out this video to learn more about LASER PLASMA FORCEFIELD SAFETY!
Oh future, you're the best.

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