No Wires Required: Ikea To Offer New Furniture With Inductive Charging Pads

It's been a universal human quest since the dawn of mankind:  the lust for power.  Now, Ikea is making that quest a little easier, thanks to a new line of wireless charging furniture...

"+" marks the spot for the treasure of phone-charging power.
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According to the Telegraph UK, the new line of modular Swedish furniture includes charging spots in floor and table lamps, desks, and nightstands.  The Jyssen charger itself can also be sold separately and applied to any flat surface, where it can charge any enabled device.

Wireless charging operates by generating a magnetic field via a transmitter and receiver coil.  When voltage is thus induced in the receiver coil, a device can charge simply by being rested on the charging pad containing the coil.  This eliminates bringing ever-escaping cords with you whenever you need power and provides an overall more streamlined aesthetic.

A tasteful display of power:  all of these items harbor inductive charging stations.
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The inductive wireless charging function (known as Qi) is now standard in many smartphones, allowing technology like the Jyssen to offer charging opportunities for a diversity of modern devices.  Bjorn Block, Ikea's range manager, explained, “Everyone hates cables. That was our starting point, and when we dug deeper, we understood it was a global-scale problem. We wanted to make charging easier and more convenient for our customers.”

Like most of Ikea's ventures, it's simple, useful, and tidy.  The new line of inductive-charging furnishings launches in mid-April for those interested in cutting their cords.  Also, don't worry about this technology only being limited to your home...wireless charging spots will begin to crop up in locations like McDonald's and Starbucks in the near future.  Power to the people (sans pesky plugs!)

Connectivity just got a little less confounding.
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