Art And Sole: New E-Ink Shoes Sport Different, Programmable Designs

Ladies, we know it's difficult finding that perfect pair of pumps to match your outfit.  Now, thanks to the futuristic fashion known as iShüu, you can customize your kicks for whatever occasion...

Whether you're meandering, moseying, walking or waltzing, iShüu has something for you.
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The premise is simple: using e-paper, a thin and flexible material embedded with e-ink, one is able to program their shoes to adopt different designs.  These shoes, according to, are iShüu's "Volvorii Timeless" models, and they are seeking funds via indiegogo to flaunt their fabulousness.

 A small Bluetooth low-energy receiver hidden in the soles of the shoes is all it takes to enable the wearer to select from several different styles in which to strut.  The e-paper embedded in the shoes' uppers acts as a design display that can change with the swipe of a smartphone (the Volvorii promises to be able to adapt to a variety of styles accessible via their attendant smartphone app.)

A wireless module in the sole enables charging, but you won't feel like Cinderella losing her shoe design at the ball anytime soon.  The e-paper and e-ink require so little power that a charge every few weeks should keep you strolling in style for a while.

Best of all, the NSA have yet to put tracking devices in them!
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If this all sounds too good to be true, stride safely knowing that the Volvorii have been certified by Dragon Innovation, which upholds tech standards for other heavy hitters such as Pebble, Coin, FormLabs, Makerbot, LIFX, Sifteo, and MOD-t.

Physical fastening anchors on the shoes allow for extra customization.  Chains, studs, plates, bows, and whatever else suits your style can all be added.  It's like the Swiss Army knife of shoes!

Volvorii intends to go into production in May, and begin shipping in December.  You could be a part of fashion's future by New Year's!  And if this idea works, who knows what cool e-accessories may follow...

These boots weren't just made for walkin'...e-ink science has many more opportunities for awesomeness...
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