Wake Up And Smell The Wifi-Enabled Coffee: New Sleep-Tracking Mattress Cover Offers Sleep Stats, "Smart" Wakeups

During the hours that you're awake, it's likely that your smartphone isn't far from your reach, enabling you to control and understand various elements of your surroundings as efficiently as possible.  But what about the hours when you're asleep?  Now, a new "smart bed" is able to technologically improve your snooze time.

According to the Independent UK, the new Luna device is a cover that fits any full size, queen, king, or California King mattress.  When Luna senses that you are falling asleep, it can remotely lower the lights and warm the room temperature.  Upon sensing you stirring from sleep, Luna can raise the lights again, and, should you be the owner of a "smart" coffee pot, it can trigger the device to start brewing (a serious plus for those who can barely manage to drag themselves out of bed in the morning.)

It'll make you coffee, but you have to add the hair of the dog on your own.
(Image courtesy jeslacasse.com.)

Compatible with wifi-enabled devices that operate via Nest, Philips Hue, Lockitron, Emberlight and Beep, the Luna team are happy to help integrate it with other contraptions. Perhaps it can even run you a bath, microwave some oatmeal, or warm up your car as future household smart devices become more ubiquitous.

Still, it's already quite a useful piece of upholstery.  Luna even features "dual zone temperature" - the ability to warm or cool each side of the bed to the user's preference.  No more fights over the thermostat!  Not to mention, its sleep phase and biometric sensors can monitor your heart rate, breathing and more, so that Luna knows exactly the best moment to wake you up (making your overall day more pleasant, hopefully.)  Your overall sleep data can be integrated with wellness platforms like Apple Health Kit or Google Fit.

Too cool + too hot = just right!
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Currently being promoted via an indiegogo campaign, the Luna is for sale for $199 during the fundraising phase.  It will hit the market for $249 this August.  Controlled via an iPhone or Android app, the Luna will put all of your worries about a bad night's sleep to rest.

"Hey baby, wanna come back to my place and track our sleep stats?  Or maybe our lack-of-sleep stats?"
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