Step Up Your Art With New E-Traces Dance Shoes

As technology is accepted more and more into our daily lives, the effect it can have on one of our most elemental fascinations - artwork - becomes increasingly intriguing.  Now, thanks to one company's innovative new ballet shoes, the worlds of dance and abstract visual art have got a new way to tango. 

Like shoe-shaped Sharpies for your feet.
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According to, designer Lesia Trubat Gonzalez's new project, E-traces, follows your footwork and turns it into artwork.  A Lilypad Arduino-based sensor takes pressure data from a dancer's feet, sending data from the customized ballet shoes to a computer program.  This then transforms the various movements into brushstroke-esque imagery.  The app allows customization and even graph readout of the data.

The technological palette.
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The technology could be used to assess one's performance (particularly in comparison to other dancers' graphical results) as well as to create a new form of visual art.  Can calligraphy be choreographed?  Dance a mile in these shoes and see what strokes of artistic genius appear.

Don't just wait for the dancefloor to change colors as your boogie!  Use E-Traces to add to the art!
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