One For The Road: New Bike-Bottle Device Harvests Moisture As You Ride

Sustainable energy comes in many forms, but what about the fuel you'll need to sustain yourself?  A new invention can keep you happily hydrated by culling water from the atmosphere and delivering it straight into your bike rest stops required.

Unless you need to check the map.  Again.
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The Fontus, as reported by the Atlantic, is a new invention that is a simple and effective means of keeping a constant water supply, even if you find you've ridden your bike to the middle of nowhere.  Austrian creator Kristof Retezár designed the Fontus to be a sleek, unobtrusive bike-mounted device that funnels air through a top chamber to remove the inherent moisture. The air then settles over a "condensing structure" and a solar-powered cooler drips the water into your bike bottle.

In humid conditions, the Fontus could provide 17 ounces of water per hour for a cyclist. Eventually, it could be brought to remote areas of the world to improve quality of life where humidity is high but groundwater is scarce. Many areas in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia in particular could benefit from this innovation.

Sustainability's many styles are inspiring some amazing inventions to roll out. And just think, if the cyclist was also harvesting their own pedal-powered electricity, they'd be a one-person transport, water, and power supply! Now if there were only a way to grow energy bars en route as well...

Nutrition on the road is serious business.
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