New "Smart Lock" Lets You Phone Into Your Home

Sometimes it's the little developments that make all the difference.  In the course of your daily routine, how many times have your keys factored into making things difficult or, if you forgot them, downright unaccessible?  Now, a new type of lock enables you (and others that you choose) to have easier access without worrying about your keyring.

According to, the August is a new "smart lock" that uses computer code as its key.  The code can be changed as often as you like for security, or shared for sociability.  If you're away on business and still need to let the dog walker in, you can text them the unlock-code, and then have it auto-destruct after a desired time.

All prospective thieves see is a shiny silver stop sign.
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August co-founder and CEO Jason Johnson feels he is filling an important niche.  He explained, "The past two years I've been working on this, if there is a phrase I've heard more than anything, it's 'I hate keys.'"

Despite the lack of launch date, the August Smart Lock will retail for $199, and the compatible software will be free for consumers (although the company does plan to charge for business use of its program.)  It is compatible with iOS (and soon Android) devices via Bluetooth, and the development team has claimed it will eventually also be operable via your other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It may take some time for the concept of a hackable (rather than pickable) lock to catch on, but as homes go further into everyday technological territory, it could become an attractive option.  Just remember to keep your phone charged, or you're sleeping on the porch.

Seriously, charge your phone.  Bowser doesn't like to snuggle.
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