Foils, Not Oil: Emission-Free "Quadrofoil" Boat To Debut In 2015

If you're already over the wintry weather and just want summer to get here again, here is some post-Halloween brain candy for you.  Check out what calls the "21st century's answer to the speedboat":  the Quadrofoil.

Chicks dig ecologically-conscious mariners.
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Using C-shaped foils beneath the hull to create lift, the Quadrofoil appears to hover above the water.   The foils deflect the water downward, creating lift and exerting force that enables the craft to travel at 25 m.p.h.  The Quadrofoil can transport two passengers and is made of 220 pounds of lightweight composite materials.  It is nearly theft-proof, thanks to a detachable wheel that acts as its key.

Best of all, the Quadrofoil operates on an electric motor, which creates no unpleasant emissions and makes considerably less noise than conventional motorboats.  The cleanliness of the craft allows it to operate on lakes, rivers, and ecologically-protected areas that might not be happy to harbor other messier boats.  Seeking out these spots is easy, with a single charge of the battery enabling the Quadrofoil to travel for 62 miles (at a cost of about $1.30 an hour to run.)  Don't just watch the meniscus-meandering water bugs from the, you can act like one too!

Make jetskiiers jealous.
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The Quadrofoil ships in March of 2015 at a cost of $28,144.  Next summer may seem like a long time away, but this little floating fragment of future is something fun to look forward to.

We can't all have spaceships.  But lakeships?  There you go.
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