Trick Or Treat Or Treetr? New App Handles Your Halloween

Can a classic holiday tradition be improved with a little bit of futurism?  That may be the case tonight when a new candy-canvassing app, Treetr, gives you a battle plan to NOT hit the streets.  That's right, all the fun and freakiness of Halloween night ramblings can now be outsourced, via an app.

It's like having your own personal candy concierge.
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As parodied by, the Treetr app (available for iPhone and Android) is "Halloween, simplified."  A network of costumed Treetr delivery men will tour the town in your place, gathering goodies and delivering them back to you for a fee.

According to Treetr's Twitter (@TreetrApp),  over 10,000 delivery-ghouls nationwide will suit up to snag you sweets.  No word on whether they'll make sure there's no razor blades or poison in the stash, and no, you cannot tip them by pawning off all your unwanted Whoppers and Raisinets.

So if you want to stay extremely, boringly, lazily safe this Halloween, hire out the haunting via Tweetr.  For every other spooky celebrant on the streets, best of luck and enjoy your sugary stroll!

Just remember what happens to people who get too greedy for candy, Treetr users!
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