Thync Before You Act: New Wearable Device To Assess And Regulate Mental States

If you thought putting on your headphones and turning up some good tunes was the best way to improve your mood for the day, you might be interested in the latest cutting-edge, life-lifting wearable technology.

According to, the new device "Thync" has received $17 million in funding and is set to launch next year.  It is a wearable device which focuses on certain neural pathways to improve various elements of the user's perception.  Neurosignaling algorithms generate responses in the brain that improve one's focus, energy, and even calmness.

Samir Kaul, a partner at Thync's start-up financers, Khosla Ventures, explained, “We back the talented team at Thync because we see a revolutionary convergence at the intersection of neuroscience and consumer technology."

Other wearable emotion-detectors/mind-readers such as Emotiv's "Neuro-Headset" are also at the forefront of this revolution. In 2015, it is estimated that some 300 million wearables will be in the hands and brains of consumers.

It's your coffee, Ritalin, and Vicodin, all in one handy zap to your brainframe!

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