New App Scores You Great Restaurant Reservations (But Finding A Dinner Date Is Still Up To You)

There are a host of concierge-esque apps out there already, but sometimes you just want the one that's the butler with the black tie.  Now, a new app that has launched in New York, Boston, and L.A. is able to score you seats at the hottest eateries...all you have to do is be a little flexible.

According to, the new Reserve app was created by the inventors of Uber, to revolutionize your dining experience in much the same way they have turned random drivers into your personal chauffeurs.  Simply enter the desired reservation time, date, and party size, and Reserve scans for spots that'll satisfy.  Results that interest you will be updated in availability by text.

Reserve's ability to infiltrate the upper echelon of excellent eateries is aided by their request that your timeframe be somewhat flexible.  If you enter the option that you'd like to dine between 8 and 9:30 PM, the restaurants can better plan how to seat and serve all of their patrons, and can anticipate how to react most efficiently when they can assemble the best possible schedule.  This allows you to get into top-shelf spots without worrying that you're not cool enough to dine at the "right" time...they've got your info, and they'll let you know.

Helpful photos let you decide by decor, if that's more your style.
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You can even use Reserve to handle your bill beforehand, if you don't want there to be a fight over the check.  Credit card and tipping info can all be entered during the booking process, and a summary (along with a $5 booking fee) will simply be sent to your smartphone after the meal.  Things like your profile picture can help elevate service immediately onsite (you could feel like a pseudo-celebrity when you're recognized on arrival.)

Reserve is available for download here.  Other cities including San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., and London are soon to be added to their well-curated culinary list.  Let technology worry about handling your reservations.  You just go handle the decoding of what you're going to wear.  And talk about.  And drink.  And food items to pronounce correctly in French...

You only want the best seats at the finest restaurant if you're going to indulge in serious culinary craziness, like fugu sushi.
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